Google Duo puts the last nail in ViLTE’s coffin
Jorge Serna

I don’t see it as the problem of Google killing ViLTE.

Problem relies on operators greediness. As European citizen, I always wondered — who is using MMS? It is so expensive! Instead of throwing that 💰 onto MMS, I could buy gigabyte data and send any amount of pictures and videos.

Appears, that in US, carriers have MMS option w/o additional fee.

Obviously, Voice over LTE is hard to charge. People just wouldn’t buy extra quality, because they believe that it is rather hardware problem.

Video over LTE is completely different — as carrier, you can charge extra money for that. On the other side: why would you want to pay extra fees for something you do for free? That doesn’t make any sense.

Google tried to offer RCS in US, but carriers made only basic text compatible with each other. Every extra is done in way, it is incompatible, so users are forced to get their friends to specific carrier, so they can all enjoy full RCS capacity.

So… Google is not killing ViLTE, rather greedy carriers are.