Moving: It’s Cheaper Than Therapy

“ When asked if my cup is half full or half empty, my only response is that I am grateful. I have a cup.” — Unknown

It’s moving season in Chicago and I was lucky enough to partake in the festivities this year.


Plus, I’m cheap, so this move happened by way of many, many loads in the car.

Everyone’s thinkin’ it, I’ll just say it.

Moving sucks.

As much as it sucks and I’m beyond happy that it’s over for at least a couple years (fingers crossed) I did learn a few things this time around.

Namely, how moving is a perfectly pack-aged metaphor for life. Check it out:

Prepare to break a nail.

Moving is no picnic. Unless there was a torrential downpour, lightning, trees falling, and LOTS of ants at this picnic.

When moving, there’s no time to worry about little things. You gotta get your shit from A to B and no one wants this process to take any longer than it should.

Although I stick to a strict no-chip manicure schedule and routine (I shake a lot of hands… but I also just like it, no shame), even I have to get over the trivial stuff such as breaking a nail.

Life is too short, and other things too important to sweat the small stuff.

Prepare to break a sweat.

Speaking of sweating… you can’t tiptoe around moving a heavy box. Or multiple heavy boxes. You gotta get down and dirty (and lift with your legs please!) and forget any hesitation you may have.

Not only do you have to get over the fact that you’re moving, but the rubber’s got to hit the road.

You have to pull out all the stops — elbow grease, blood, sweat, and tears — if you want a nice place to live.

True story for life too. You gotta put the same amount of elbow grease, blood, sweat, and tears into working for what you want. But good news is, if you love what you do, this part won’t seem so bad.

Prepare to get tested.

Yeesh. I like to think that I’m a pretty patient person (or at least that I’ve grown in this department) but this past weekend I got my buttons pushed.

No one likes moving, especially not for 72 hours straight, so emotions are bound to tango.

In life, we get tested. Things piss us off. People piss us off. But that doesn’t mean you have to react negatively or give up and storm out.

Would you demolish your house if there was one light bulb out? No. You’d get annoyed, then replace it, then move on.

When things get touchy and emotions run high, you take a step back, breathe, and work through it. Peace is on the other side.

Prepare to realize how truly grateful you should be.

If moving takes you longer than one hour. Scratch that. If moving takes you longer than one minute, then you have something to be grateful for.

You have clothing, you have knick knacks, you have joyful memories, you have food, and probably most taken for granted, you have shelter.

Be grateful.

I complained all weekend about how much stuff needed to be moved, how people were pissing me off, how hot it was in my new apartment.

Poor me.

But in the calm after the moving storm I had a moment where I sat back, stared at all the boxes, bags, and furniture in front of me, and I realized just how damn lucky I am.

I have a home, I have a great job, I have absolutely incredible family and friends (shoutout to my moving helpers!). I got it all.

And I am beyond grateful.

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