Hiking on a glacier around Mont Blanc

There are things that we dream of doing and comes a day when it’s time to jump into the water. I’ve always wanted to walk on a glacier at least once in my life, now I can say it’s done.

To be accompanied by a guide for his first glacier

Evolving while walking on land as dangerous as a glacier needs to be accompanied. For my part, I am lucky to have a father-in-law mountain guide, I leave you also his contact if necessary. It is therefore accompanied by my mother and my father-in-law that I went on an adventure on the Giant Glacier. To walk on a glacier I strongly recommend you to be accompanied by a mountain expert who will bond you (connecting you with a rope to others) to avoid any accident.

The problem most often encountered on this type of surface is the crevasses, these huge holes in the ice that measure several meters, in which we can fall if we are not vigilant. With a guide you are sure to take paths that are not dangerous and where the terrain is rather safe.

Glacier of the Giants at Mont Blanc

The skyway gondola of Courmayeur:
For my first time on a glacier, my father-in-law has decided to take him to the Giant Glacier that makes him shudder just his name, but in fact is rather flat. Fortunately for me, because it removes another difficulty of the glacier which is to evolve on the sloping ice, for that, it is necessary to have crampons. We went to Courmayeur to take the Skyway cable car up to the Giant Glacier. The round trip costs 49 euros, which is not negligible, the ideal is to stay all day at the top to maximize the value of your pass. The gondola that climbs onto the glacier is rotatable, allowing all passengers to enjoy the exceptional view of Mont Blanc and its surroundings. Once at the top, more than 3400 m, the very modern structure makes us fully enjoy the panorama.

Skyway Mont Blanc

The equipment for hiking on a glacier:
That day the weather was beautiful, the sky was blue and there was no wind, so even though we were very high we were not so cold. I wore a light jacket and Forclaz mid-season hiking pants, hiking shoes, a long-sleeved undershirt and that’s it! We also had sticks to have a better balance on the ice. My father-in-law had taken a harness for each person, along with a rope and an ice ax.

Mont Blanc Massif

Glacier of the Giants
I did this hike on a sunny day, if it was not sunny, I would have taken a hat, a windbreaker and gloves. After each has its own sensitivity to cold, but always tell you that it will be much colder at the top than in the valley.

Equipment on a glacier

From Punta Helbronner to the pass of the great torch
For my first hike on a glacier we did not take any risk, my stepfather bring us to the Grand Flanbeau pass from Punta Helbronner, which is about 20 minutes walk. Then we walked around a bit, but without venturing further, because we had not taken any crampons. I would have liked to continue to the mountains in the distance, but that would not have been reasonable with the danger of crevasses. From where we were, however, I could see the sea of ​​ice a little farther away, and the midday needle, which seemed very small to me compared to the tooth of the giant standing proudly beside us. After long contemplating the landscape we turned back to take the gondola down to Courmayeur.

Mont Blanc Massif and Sea of ​​Ice

I leave you with photos of all the highest and most beautiful summits that we have seen and I hope that this feedback will have given you the desire to embark on this adventure too!