Narrator: Man and woman driving in car in the evening. Dark. Woman driving. Man bloodied. Both in a quiet shock. Breathing heavily and terrified.

Margaret: “Damn”


Danny: “Yeah”


Danny: (Moving on with a heavy breath. Propping himself up in the seat. Clearly exhausted.) “What time is it?”

Margaret: “Late” (beat) (worried) “We’re fine”

(Danny looks around at the back seat. Slowly inspecting everything.)

Danny: “Looks like we’ve managed to get everything.”

(Looks guilty at Margaret. Checking in whether she’s mad out of the corner of his eye.)


Margaret: (Slowly shaking her head. Trying to move on from…

Most non-technical entrepreneurs desiring to build a product in technology face a big conundrum — how do I hire a good technical person for my startup. How will you know whether your contractor possesses the knowledge required to build your project and, much more importantly, whether they will create your technology in the most efficient, bug-free manner.

At first glance it might seem an entirely valid approach to send the developer an online test — there’s many floating around there. But, not being technical how will you know what skills the test is gauging and, further, whether it is gauging…

I’ve noticed something quite subtle in my many years of advising clients and listening to business-oriented people describe their technology’s build process. Being both an entrepreneur and a technologist, you tend to take for granted some very important insights that business focus gives you on the technology itself. Learning how to build technology teaches you to optimize to the best of technological needs. You learn to build for the best possible sophisticated technology outcome. However, where business meets technology, you no longer have this goal. And that is the nuance. Where business meets technology, technology can no longer be build…

aleksandra czajka

Senior Software Engineer with a Masters in Physics, Founder of Fluidity with a mission to bridge the gap between business and technology.

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