The Christmas. It’s not only chocolate Santas, set out in shops right after Halloween, nor George Michael, singing in every mall. It’s not tidying up nor ceiling cleaning, what every year in my home was a symbol of upcoming Baby Jesus Birthday.

Above all — no matter if you like it or not — it’s gifts.

From ages, we all know that incompatible present means disaster and sorrow at the family table.

That’s why it’s better to prepare yourself earlier to escape the necessity of shop survival at 23rd of December with your tongue hanging out, spending a fortune for some shit like a pen+automatic pencil or lotion+shower gel with the smell of cupcakes.

Do you have a developer among your loved ones? You don’t have a clue what will make them happy? No worries, I have some ideas which will help you!

1. TrackR

It is the end of losing keys or wallet — all you have to do is to place your tracker on this thing, which you forgot the most frequently, download a free app and voila! The stress reduction guaranteed, as long as the leaving home in time.


2. Wireless earphones

We all know that dealing with all these wires sucks, so… Maybe you will have luck, and your person hadn’t get one yet ;)

3. Spotify/ Tidal subscription

Why don’t you give your beloved one music? If, as long as myself, you are not quite a fan of the dusty CD pyramid in your living room, and you hate to look for this one song, which you need to hear RIGHT NOW — that’s a genial idea!

4. For real (psycho)fan

(almost) Everyone is fixated on some band / series / movie / book.

As a 7-years girl for the first time I hold Luke Skywalker in my hands, and no one can take this feeling away from me.

Thankfully, you don’t need to go to Germany, like my Dad 20 years ago and buy such gadgets during the business trip; you can go right here:


and make someone happy with these awesome stormtrooper speakers.

Or with T-shirt, or poster, or lunch box, or… Jeeez, have you seen all this stuff?!

4. Sack for feet

The sack is a great idea just because, but if someone is sitting in front of the computer for 80% of the time, this one will be even better:


5. The LED lamp with the possibility of charging your phone wirelessly

Common… how cool is that?!

The Lamp

6. Pad

For the phone. Standing in a line won’t be the same ever:

7. Powerbank

I guarantee that someday you will get a message “thanks, it was a great idea” which would be sent only because of you and your gift.

8. Intelligent sleepbuds

No more snoring and tipsy neighbors, coming home from a party 3 o’clock in the morning.

Plus, no more being late for work because of the too quiet alarm clock.


9. Bitcoin wallet.

If someone all the time checks the bitcoin rate and get emotional when it comes to the cryptocurrency, the wallet will come in handy:


If, additionally, he or she keeps mislaying things — add the TrackR from the 1.

10. Filtering bottle

One liter of water from this bottle equals 0,04 USD.

Is it enough to convince you?

If not, I’ll just leave the matter of environment here.


At the end a little story, how, for real, end the things with shitty gifts.

My friend had a boyfriend, who wasn’t the best material for a lifetime partner if you know what I mean. Nothing dishearten her, but then came her birthday. She was the sporty type, and she has a birthday right before Christmas.

You know what he got her?

The pen and the pencil engraved with a sentence: Per Aspera ad Astra.

“What the hell he thinks I am?! Some accountant? He doesn’t know me AT ALL! How hard is to buy leggings, for god’s sake?!”

They split right after.

Anyway, good luck!