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A Look Inside Parking Services at MSU

Students and Staff of Parking Services at Montclair State University. (Left to Right; Mariella Diaz, Raul Igartua, Laurie Osias, and Rebecca Innocent) Photo courtesy: Aleksandra Mufceska
Montclair State University Parking Services staff getting ready to drive around.

Justin Airo, Parking Enforcer, and Mariella Diaz the Professional Service Specialist of Montclair State University doing their job, making sure everyone is parked in the right spaces.
Justin Airo, checking license plates to make sure they have a parking permit.
Justin Airo, administering a parking citation to a car that was not parked in a proper space.
Professional Service Specialist Mariella Diaz discussing the appeals process with a concerned student.
Laurie Osias and Rebecca Innocent, are students as well as staff of MSU parking Services. They found a job in parking services to help pay their accumulated parking tickets. Photo courtesy: Aleksandra Mufceska
The students and staff of MSU Parking Services in a meeting trying to find more parking areas for students on campus. (Left to Right; Mariella Diaz, Raul Igartua, Laurie Osias, and Rebecca Innocent) Photo courtesy: Aleksandra Mufceska
Mariella Diaz MSU’s Professional Service Specialist suggesting a possible new parking area.

The Staff behind Montclair State Parking Services are infamously known for giving out parking tickets and are even blamed for the lack of parking on campus.

Staff members are constantly fending for themselves while working with furious students and dealing with constant threats. They even say that it is by far one of the most hostile departments on campus and have even been threatened by students.

Staff in the parking services department say no one truly realizes that they’re actually real people, even students just doing their job and have absolutely no control over the amount of space there is.

The truth is that the MSU Parking Services staff say they are not out to get anyone on campus. Their actual purpose is to provide everyone on campus with the guidance and help they need whenever dealing with a misunderstanding or citation issues. They highly recommend turning to the appeals process and even admit the first appeal is a free-bee.

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