Case study. Portal for youth

Who is Z generation? You may find out it here:

Knowing the target is always helpful while preparing the strategy for launch of online website, which can build loyalty and engage with teens on a daily basis communicating on topics such as music, sport, fun, activities, promotions by using a range of different kind of formats and contents (video, image, gif, and article).

How to cooperate with teens?

Give them a voice — allow the youth to take part in the creative process; you are playing just a role of a facilitator helping to develop their ideas; to let them take responsibility for their work and for what they are getting involved in; thanks to that they feel valued and trustworthy to express ideas and feelings and they acting with a full commitment; they feel heard and validated; the stronger their involvement will be, the more they feel ignored elsewhere)

Feelings first — they need to feel secure and valued; you need to show them that you have faith in them, so they can fulfill their potential
Make them feel important — they need to know that their part of contribution is appreciated and their input is significant; and they will repay with their trust and loyalty

- -> follow them in their natural environment
Their social life is online. They live in an online ecosystem. 
They meet face2face, but their real ecosystem is virtual. 
Therefore, if you want to meet them — go to their natural environment. And follow their rules; intrusion is not welcome and well seen


The strategy to be seen as a cool, innovative company & brand, is to follow teens interests, communicate and cooperate with them in their natural habitat and engage them into action based on their terms.
The communication has to be adjusted to the target group: short, interesting, engaging, fast, multichanneled.

Not to be boring. That’s the first rule.
Other strictly forbidden:

Our audience is present online. Mainly at this group of age, at Snapchat. But also on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. You have to be there for them. On each channel.

Strategy to launch the website successfully

Get involved teens on all channels, inform them in a funny, attractive way,
Gather around the page group that can be presented to others as an elite, belonging to which is an honour and attractive by itself. Trigger the desire to be a member of this group (some signs of membership and additional benefits, but also sense of pride to be part of it; sense of creating the community)

Engagement of influencers can also help, as all want to be like them. However, the sense of individualism is very important at that age, so personified products could be a value. They could be physical objects (silicone bracelets, cards which will provide admission to some clubs or additional benefits in shops, or company’s wristwatches, for example). It can also be digital range sign (badge) or additional “powers” on the website.

Teens also love challenges. They are willing to do really a lot to deserve the admiration of the group. They also like to collect something. Or to achieve next levels in games.
If it could be connected to belonging to a particular VIP group, and show the appreciation of who teens are — it would be a successful campaign.

We should remember that teens teens are very willing to take part in competitions. The awards can be trivial, however, the requirements can’t be too demanding either. Click, like, share — they can do that, but come up with slogan or take a more complicated action — often it could be too much and can cause discouragement.

Challenges. Discouragement and boredom — these are main ones, which can be expected in managing such a site. Also we have to be aware that the website has to be attractive. If teens recognize it as outfashioned — it would be shameful for them to show up there

Key social media influencers. The easiest way is to follow teens’ interests, to make focus group research. Or to check followers on most popular social media channels for this age group.
Teenagers are active on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, but most popular at the age below 21 is Snapchat. Most of its users are teens.
But how to approach influencers? Ensure independence. They are almost at the same age as our key audience group, and they share the same values. They want to be appreciated for who they are. Additional benefit of such an action is also good for the campaign. They know their followers best. 
Blogers, youtubers know what their followers like, how to invite them into action and what will appeal to them most.

What strategy and activities is best to choose to communicate this campaign on social media

We should follow teens in their natural environment, with short, attractive multichannel communication.

Turning to people who they admire to attract the youth using their dreams — you can invite them to be a part of the social group built around the website.

Backstage videos — they are always curious what “stars” (bloggers, youtubers) are in real life like, what it really looks like.
You can also use it in opposite: company is present on the influencer’s channels — and they are showing “backstage” of the company,
Day for an influencer — one person per week will lead company’s channel, involving his / her followers to take active part in daily tasks (you can win photo session with your favourite blogger or go for the rehearsal with your favourite singer).
Invite influencers to offices in London or to Atlanta, show how designers work on adds, or on new labels, ask them to create something together.

— — — — — — — — — — -

During launch campaigne — access for VIP web area is just for invitations or you have to find password

1. week: password will appear at chosen bloggers’ channels
2. week: password can be seen on some LCD screens placed in few main cities in Poland
3. week: on Mazury region or at Baltic coast during music festivals or during sport tournament (if the launch is going to be during summer holidays)
4. weeks: password can be seen during Hackathon or other game players meeting
5. week: screens in trams or in Pendolino

It gives a sense of exclusivity and belonging to desirable group of people

  • Special area for VIPs — exclusivity agreement with some chosen influencers. Thanks to that — our visitors will have a possibility to see / watch some action only on our website, and nowhere else; for example — blogger’s visit at the hairdresser or famous football player’s visit to a tattoo artist
  • Area just for teens — after 19th birthday –> your account will be deleted;
    No parents, no old people, no old ideas, and not so strictly moderated
  • Member cards
    Affiliation network
    Cooperation with gym / climbing clubs / sports wear shops / cinemas)
    for example: thanks to company membership card — you can have discount in Adidas shop

To laverage influencers for website campaign:

• Invitation (and membership card) to VIP area as the first ones (with additional “powers”, like banning, giving super-powers to chosen people for 1 day; adding more pictures than others, etc)
• Secret package with your products and with the invitation to VIP area (not everybody can get it)
• Concert tickets, where company is a sponsor, tickets to amusement park in Berlin where they can spend the whole day with attractions, invitation to fashion show in Milan; trip to visit in art school in London