Generation Z

Generation Z (post-Millennials), born after 1995
Generation Z seeks uniqueness in all walks of life. Primarily through the brands they do business with, future employers, etc. They want to follow celebrities and media behaviors, as they are very “close” to them.
This generation has grown up with technology, and for them it’s probably hard to move around without their devices. A full 40% of generation Z is self-identified digital device addicts.

  • born with phone in hand
    Digital reality has taught them that they get what they want — immediately, NOW, no waiting involved;
    They are getting bored easily, they hate to wait for anything;

Generation Z processes information faster than any other generations; their attention spans might be significantly lower than others’ 
You have to offer short, audiovisual, interesting content.

  • ads resistant
    They can receive even 500 marketing messages per hour. They are bombarded with information, both online and off-line. They learned how to ignore them and not to focus on it.
  • growing together with new technologies, new trends
    80% of the surveyed is checking notifications on mobiles at least once an hour; they are online continually; present on many different channels
  • multi-tasking, less focused
    They are really, really good in multitasking.
    Gen Z can quickly and efficiently shift between work and play, with multiple distractions going on in the background… Working on multiple tasks at once.
    At school they create a document on their school computer, do research on their phone or tablet, while taking notes on a notepad, then finish in front of the TV with a laptop, while face-timing a friend. 
    It’s multi-multi-tasking.

From early childhood they used to do few things simultaneously. Technology just helps them. But it also means that companies have to follow this type of consumers — you need to engage them through few channels concurrently. They need to be present on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram at the same time. However, info should be short (remember? lack of concentration)

  • tutorials, self improvement
    They are gathering knowledge thanks to the Internet
    Gen Z knows the true value of independence, and knowledge is no exception. If a Gen Z knows they are capable of learning something by themselves, or through a more efficient, non-traditional route, you can bet they’ll take the opportunity.
    They are searching for tutorials, videos, guides, online courses.
    What does it mean for your brand? Benefits, info about product advantages and way of usage should be online, prepared in an interesting way, through content marketing forms which show the context in an attractive manner.
  • loyalty
    Generation Z was born into a world overrun with technology, therefore if they can’t have response immediately, they think that something is wrong. 
    Marcie Merriman, executive director of growth strategy at Ernst & Young says: “They expect businesses, brands and retailers to be loyal to them. If they don’t feel appreciated, they’re going to move on. It’s not about them being loyal to the business.”