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On the 25th of October Aleksandra and Frida attended Samfunnskonferansen(The Conference of Our Society) arranged by Norconsult at the cultural center in Bærum. They were on the team that represented young architects and designers. Together they presented their visions for the future cities.

Our future vision

When we talk about the future vision it often tend to be about the importance of digitalicing and sometimes only that. But we are not supposed to live in a information cloud — are we? As architects and designers are have a interest of the physical world.

Illustration of Karl Johan

We have been…

How can volunteering contribute to a more inclusive city?

Volunteering is an important part of our society. But the threshold to participate in volunteer work is high, especially for young adults. Loneliness is at the same time an increasing public health issue among young adults. This is challenging and expensive for our society. Volunteering is an activity that people do to help others, nevertheless statistics show that one of the main reasons for many to do volunteer work is to become part of a community. Through participating in an activity you can get new friends, and together develop a culture…

Aleksandra Z Fischer

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