Bisto collects donations in cryptocurrency for earthquake victims

The Mexican bitcoin-exchanger Bisto announced that he is applying for donations to the victims of earthquakes. As reported by, the earthquake occurred on September 19 and was a force of 7.1 points. According to a recent blog post by Bisto, the startup asks for donations to BTC, XRP and RTH. According to them, all collected funds will be sent to the center of the Mexican Red Cross and the local brigade for earthquake rescue — Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco A.C. In addition, Bisto was promised to provide receipts for donations, signed by the Central Bank of Mexico. And in order to find more indifferent, the hashtag #BitcoinAidMexico was introduced. Note that the trading platform previously collected funds for the victims of devastating earthquake that occurred on September 7.