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It is sure, you heard about the exchange auction of usual currencies and various securities more than once. But now besides usual currencies appear electronic which can be also used as money. And so today there is practically no realization of crypto currency exchanges where users could play and receive fully from it earnings which will go at the expense of a difference of courses. It would be desirable to present to you the project which is going to realize such exchange. Meet the project under the name IDAP. Now I shortly about him will tell you.

IDAP — in essence this project realizes in itself the exchange for tendering with crypto currencies. In essence she will be similar to those exchanges which are already available but in the fiat sphere. The project is decentralized and is constructed on such technologies as a blockchain and also a smart contracts. Profit will also be reached through a game on differences of courses, as well as at the usual exchange.

Main features of this project:
1. First of all this existence of a huge number of tools for carrying out trade in crypto currencies. At the same time on the platform there will be very wide list of trade opportunities.

2. You will have an opportunity to make the auction and to look through at the same time at once several contracts.

3. Due to uniqueness of this platform you will have an opportunity to see all possible risks which you will be able to face.

4. Smart set for various versions of transactions and also use of other various systems.

5. Serious protection against interruptions in work. The equipment is made so at the collapse of one servers work is picked up by others and the platform works without otkazno.

6. The maximum safety and the fact of insurance of your purses that fully gives security guarantees of your means at this exchange.

7. For work at this exchange you will need to install the computer application through which access to the exchange and all to her possible tools will be provided.

8. And the basic is a simple and clear interface, thanks to it users with various skills of use will be able quietly to use this exchange.

Financial components of the project:

Spots. Unusual simplicity of purchase and sale of cryptocurrency and tokens with use of trade couples
F & O. Various decisions for work in the cryptomarket. Trade in futures and other transactions for widespread cryptocurrencies and cryptoindexes.
Termless swaps. IDAP allows to use unlimited swaps for crypto money, promotional indexes, monetary courses, actions and goods with leverage to 50X.
The IDAP system uses the token of the same name which is compatible to ERC20 and works for a blockchain to the Ethereum platform. It is an integral part a system blockchain.

Investment tools:

Personal crediting. It gives the chance to participants of system to give the credits and to borrow cryptocurrency and other financial units without approval of banks or finance companies. Percent on the credits and loans will be established by participants in IDAP.
Venture fund ICO. They will allow numerous participants to sistemypoluchit profit by means of investments at initial stages of creation original a blockchain of projects.
Exchange index funds (ETF).
The IDAP team plans to carry out support of young and perspective ICO projects regarding initial financing, technical support, legal services and other corresponding consultations.
Advantages in use of a token:
Zero sales tax. For all participants of ICO of the IDAP system who have got 20 000 and more cryptotokens.
Discount for commission collecting. A 50% constant discount for commission charges for trade when using tokens of IDAP.

Token course against dollar: 1 IDAP = $0,03.

The project has received high rating estimates:


TrackICO 5.0/5.0;


WISER ICO: 5.0/5.0;

ICObench: 4.9/5.0.

Partners of the project: Wanchain,, Stigasoft, GetSmart, allcoinWiki.

The idea of the IDAP project has arisen at the end of 2017. 2018 has begun with formation of team of the conclusions of agreements with partners and development of design of the website and applications. Functional testing. In April, 2018 official start of the platform has taken place. Integration of investment tools and P2P-crediting into the main platform and rendering the various help to young projects is planned for 2019.

The best have entered into team of the project of graduates of several advanced world higher educational institutions: Oxford, London, Stockholm, Stanford, California and India.

P.S.: This material is published for acquaintance and understanding of an essence of the project. Before making decision on investment I advise you in more detail to study technical documentation of the project. Investments into ICO are accompanied by high risks. I do not encourage you to participate in the ICO. Investing in any ICO must take into account all the risks. The author of this article expressed an objective opinion regarding the project under consideration and is not an expert in the field of Blockchain technologies.



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