About theater

I love arts, especially music and cinema, but theater as an art form always make me indifferent. I have been to the theater twice and both times I was bored and I didn’t know how to sit there till the end. Of course, I didn’t remember anything from those plays. My thoughts were that I sincerely didn’t understand why people like it, what so special they see in plays, why for many people, a ticket to some world-known performance is the best gift or way to relax. From my point of view, in some way, theater and cinema are very similar, because in both we can see such stories, which happen not to us, they are like from the parallel world, where we will never get to. But while watching a film, you plunge into the world of the other side of the screen, you have a feeling that you are there, near characters, you see everything what happens with them with your own eyes, you emphathize them, you believe them. But I can’t say the same about theater. I remember that while watching those plays, I had a strong feeling that it didn’t matter what a theater it was, how talented actors were, I couldn’t believe them at all, because it was very clear that it couldn’t happened in real life and everything, what was happening on the stage, during the performance, was just a play, histrionical life. So, I tried to love it, to find theater charming and especial, but I couldn’t. Maybe after our next classes I will fall in love with it…

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