Innovations in movie theaters

I can’t call myself a filmgoer. Still, if I go to the movie theater, I do it for entertainment and relaxing. It helps to forget about the reality and to plunge into another world. So, here are some innovations that I find interesting and want to see in the movies:

  1. A hall with 3 screens on the walls and maybe some special lighting on the floor and on the ceiling, which altogether will create a 4-dimensional picture.
  2. No ads before the movie. Sometimes it really irritates, for instance, last time when I went to the cinema, I had to watch 20 (!) minutes -long promos!
  3. I´ve heard that in Japan there are some theaters that have a great feature: so called “social seating” plan. There are 10 various types of seats which are not screwed into the ground, but can be moved around within the space, making the movie-watching experience more interactive and social. I hope this innovation will get to Russia soon!

P.S. I wish at least one movie theater in my town were like this!

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