Off-Off-Broadway Theater

One of the theater producers and critics once said that “only in Off-Off-Broadway Theaters real theater happens”. It´s hard for me to argue with this statement or agree because I´ve never been neither to Broadway theaters nor to Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theaters, I can only reason what he meant. As I know, Off-Off-Broadway theaters are differ from other aforesaid theaters, because they are much smaller, usually there are over 100 seats, so the audience and performers have a special, intimate atmoshere, where everybody enjoys the art. Very often non-union actors play on the stage of an Off-Off-Broadway theater. And big world-famous shows alternate small performances, mounted by amateurs, people who are devoted to the arts and share their inspiration, mood, world outlook with others. Both actors and the audience implement the main goal of the art: creators express themselves and spectators plunge into different stories and relish aesthetics, beauty and harmony. In Off-Off-Broadway theaters people may enjoy the real arts, creative, free and genuine, but it´s harder to do it in bigger theaters with thousands of people, lights, much noise and actors, who play not for the art, but for the fame or money. Maybe that´s why there is no theater there.

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