Teaching Practice — Week 3

I can say for sure, I LOVE teaching and feel at ease in it, incredibly as it seems. Kids in my school are very intelligible, my supervisor is wise and kind (during this week she got me a chance to give a class alone), so it is very inspiring and gives me lots of positive emotions. The discovery of the week was that a skill of working in pairs in groups is not natural! When I first gave such an assignment, kids didn’t understand it at all, then they started speak Russian, and only after I repeated everything 2 or 3 times and came to them, they, finally, started doing something. Also, I have noticed, how it is morally and physically hard to stay the whole class, be the center of kids’ attention, listen to them and just don’t get distracted because of tiredness after half an hour. Conclusion: teachers should be mentally and physically strong!

Also, this week I went to Saranask to participate in the olympiad of the methods of teaching foreign languages. It was such a lovely trip, everything went smoothly. There I gave a class to the 3d year students of the state university. The topic was “My Choice”. Each of us had different views on that theme. I made a class, where students themselves could make conclusions: what choice is, how often we make it, why it is important, why it is hard to make a choice, how to make it and whether we always have a choice or not. Suprisingly, I was very calm and confident, despite the jury, sitting at the end of the classroom. Everything was great, we discussed problems of choices a lot, students listened to me very attentively and it seemed to me that I was on the stage, not in the classroom. It was an incredible experience for me. Maybe for the first time in my life I was so happy to work with the audience and I didn’t even think about places and scores. Honestly, my purpose was that at least 7 people understood that yes, we ALWAYS have a choice, it determines our personality and changes our life. It was the most important thing for me. After my class, one of the juries came up to me and said that my language is very good. Thank you, teachers!)

What is more, during this week I continued watching episodes about the history of the USA, here are some facts, that were surprising for me:

1)Napoleon sold Louisiana for a mere song (1 cent for 100 meters)

2) Abraham Lincoln’ s life was full of obstacles and troubles, but still, he managed to become a president of the USA during hard times of the Civil War. He was against slavery and canceled it, which caused the rebellion of the Southern part

3) In the Civil War the South faught for Independence and keeping slavery

4) The territory of Northern America was subdued very fast

5) In 1840 first millionairs appeared

6) In the bloody Civil War over 600 000 people were killed

7) A well- developed system of railways help the North to win the war.

8) The invention of telegraph happened during the Civil War

9) The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France and it was made on donated money of Americans.

10) The cause of the Great Depression was habing incredible credits of the population of the USA and their inability to pay them back.