The week of films

This week I watched four abvolutely amazing films of different genres, each of them I REALLY liked, and I can say with confidence that the following films are worth watching. So, here they are:

  • “Doctor Strange” — made me forget about everything for two hours, because that was astonishing and breathtaking! Actually, I don’t like fantasy at all and I watch such films very seldom, only because of good actors, playing there. Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of a genius neurosurgeon and a superman….

…was more than just enough for me. And the film itself was spectacular because of incredible special effects and an intriguing plot. AWESOME ! I liked Cumberbatch because of his role of Sherlock Holmes , but in this film I saw another genuis, played by such a great actor, bang-on!

  • The second one was “ The Phantom of the Opera” which impressed me a lot. It was our homework to watch this movie, because now we are studying the topic “Theater” and this artwork is a great example of a good film— musical about theater life on and off-stage. A very interesting plot, beautiful costumes, sets and props, nice songs and talented actors… It really cast a spell and two hours of this movie passed insensibly. I really enjoyed watching it!
  • I watched next movie, because of my father’s advice. It was a russian film, called “Герой”, with Dima Bilan ( it turned out that he is a brilliant actor!) and Svetlana Ivanova. This movie was about two parallel worlds — modern life and life 100 years ago, when a revolution happened, imperial Russia was destroyed and the first World War started. It seemed to me that another people lived in that time, a special group of people, called intelligentsia, educated, spiritual, soulful. They were guided by their honor, dignity and love of their motherland. Everything was done to kill them as a group at all and only some of their ancestors maybe are still among our grandparents. This movie reminded me “Ёлки 1914”, which is also worth watching together with your family.
  • Next movie is a psychological thriller called “Училка”, about a great teacher in ordinary school, who was at the end of her tether, because all her work, all her tryings to educate and bring up personalities in her students had failed and once she decided to change the situatuion whatever it took. What happened next — you’ll learn if you watch the movie. This film was rather long, the majority of the events took place in one class, there were no special effects, graphic design and lots of action. But this film grabbed me and kept in suspense till the last minute. I liked it because it is deep and serious and it gives food for thought about our education system, the labor of teachers, the main values of young people, the tendency of their development, the importance of remembering history, the significance to listen, to hear and to understand other people. This film about us. So, I strongly recommend it. Personally, after watching it, I was under the impression and thought over the problems, raised in the film.