One of the distinctive features of Russia that should be realized from the very beginning is its immensity. It seems that Moscow is situated far away from Western Europe, but in fact it is located near the western borderline of Russia. Novosibirsk is considered to be a geographical center of Russia, because Siberia takes almost a half of it. In Russia everything is amplitudinous: geography, history, passions, emotions, tragedies. For Russians such immensity is also the basis of understanding God, which emphasizes His majesty and awe,caused by Him. No another understanding divinity would never find response in such an enormous country…The same with the side of emotions, where everything tends to be closer to this amplitude.People who were brought up in a much more reserved western culture, find Dostoevsky´s characters to be horrible, ridiculous cranks. However the author claimed that they are quite realistic. Few of those, who lived in Russia, would argue with these words.

Russia has a centuries-long history, which it is very proud of. The country had become christian before America was discovered, that is why in the sense of itself messianic claims appear rather distinctly. They were especially noticeable in the epoch of marxism, when Russia, being sure in its national privilege, showed the world absolute truth.Nevertheless, such claims have a long history, which began with a famous prediction that Moscow became a successor of a divine mission, belonging ,firstly, to Rome and then to the Byzantine empire: “Two Romes have fallen, but the third stands, and a fourth there will not be”. That is why a person, who came to Russia for the first time, will behave wisely if he consciously cultivates in himself sincere respect to this country.

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