Where to find the 25th hour?

If somebody knowns, please, tell me. So much to do — so little time. “Fast footwork is the key to success in life.”

This week I learned:

moose ( not mouse!) is лось and it is zero plural;

pincer is both клешня и пинцет;

сul-de sac — тупик;


el gato con botas — кот в сапогах;

estufa — печка;

alfotro’n — гречка

stamina — выносливость, стойкость, выдержка, запас жизненных сил

(Endurance and stamina — волевые качества)

During our Spanish classes we study different fruits, vegetables and flatware, I made cards for me to remember them quicker. Also, on Frinday we presented our project “El restaurante”, where Kate and I told about our imaginary restaurant of Russian cuisine called “Теремок”. At the same day we had another English project — “My ideal suburb”. Mine was for students, its concept was “My house is my world” and its special features were solar batteries and greenhouses on the roofs.

Besides that, I listened to the audiobook “Una operacio’n arriesgada”, and it actually made my Friday, because I was very tired and even dissapointed, but this story made me laugh a lot. My favorite character there was Armando, “que esta’ tan dulce como los panqueques que prepara” =)

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