New Year is in a month! Oh my Gosh, how time flies!

The first news: Kate told me about one good proverb: Кто о чем, а лысый о бантике”. + 1 into my “Folk depository”

The next is that in Spanish yellow press is prensa rosa — i.e. pink!

I learned a great phrase: “ to ones’a heart’s content” — сколько душе угодно

Also I loved:

  • make it up — помириться
  • to be tone deaf — медведь на ухо наступил
  • they lived happily ever after — и жили они долго и счастливo

I’ve already started speaking about English classes, I can’t help mentioning that this week’s topic was dances — we talked about classical ballet and modern dance. I loved it SO MUCH!

Two main discoveries: Firstly, Tsar Nicolas I was a generous patron of ballet and his financial support helped a lot to develop this type of art. Secondly, a French choreographer, Marius Petipa laid the foundations of classical ballet techniques!

Useful vocabulary:

  • set to music ( поставленный под) and dance TO music!
  • in a starring role — в заглавной роли
  • ballet story-line — сюжет
  • to intensify the effect — усилить эффект
  • receive unprecedented international recognition and acceptance at home
  • struggle for recognition
  • imbued with — пропитанный
  • to draw more heavily upon the ballet vocabulary — сделать упор на…
  • first-rank — первоклассные

Also, on Thuesday I had a presentation about a great musical, which had gotten Tony Award for the Best musical “My fair lady” with Audrey Hepburn in the leading role. So lovely, sweet, with intelligent humor, I really enjoyed watching it! The main character is Eliza Doolittle, a Cockney flower girl with a strong accent and bad manners. And this story is about her transformation into a real lady. She does it with a help of Pr. Henry Higgins, who studies phonetics. Here is a funny video from the musical, which shows how it is hard to learn correct pronunciation( made me think about our first year and phonetic classes =) )

Speaking seriously, this musical gives food for thought. First of all, it is a story of Eliza’s achievement of her personhood. Secondly, it set you thinking about the problem of the relationship between social classes, men and women, the importance of staying true to yourself. It’s definitely worth watching!

At Grammar classes I learned that gender still exists in English, mainly in classical literature. AND:

  • Sun, Wind, Ocean, River = HE as well as Anger, Love, Passion, Death , Fear, War + big animals+ swallow (ласточка), canary and even fly — (ideas of strength, fierceness)
  • Moon, Hope, Mercy, Spring, Peace, Kindness, Dawn + small animals + countries + means of transportation + things that are obedient to smb’s will= SHE ( ideas of gentless, beauty, no domination)

Also I wanna share this fantastic quote: