Work hard, Stay Excited as a Freshman

This week was as difficult as exciting. First of all, a few good ideas occurred to my mind, and now I need some time to think them over and work on them. And it leads me to my first ( two presentations more and I’ll start speak using signposting) must-do-step, closely connected with a challenge: telling briefly, this week showed me that still I spend too much time on my homework, especially on working on presentations and essays. And tips like “Pomodoro” ( doesn’t work for me, because I don’t get distracted, I simply can write an essay for three hours and it won’t be brilliant. So sad, but I guess I need to set time limits and keep in mind time-controlling factor. But what about the process of creation, when one forgets about everything and make up something outstanding? It’s not about me. Time management ,Alex, time management.

By the way, I learned about “Квадрат Декарта”,which is usually used for making deсisions, but I also found this picture:

I’ll try to use it

This week I established a new record: I spent 12 hours at the university. Home, Sweet Home…Actually, next day I felt like I had a Groundhog day.

On Thursday we had a lecture of the History of the language. I can’t believe it, but I like it very much, it wears you out, but it’s so interesting and incomprehensible. May be it because of our teacher. She perfectly knowns her subject and tells us about difficult rules, ways of origin of words with jokes and it seems that everything is so easy, but frankly speaking it’s quite unknown country to me.

On Friday, we had a seminar of the Theoretical Phonetics and I enjoyed it too. I liked how our teacher emphasized the most inportant things and I finally understood the difference between phonetical and phonological mistakes (changing in meaning).

New words and phrases:

ingenuity — изобретательность, мастерство, искусность =>resourcefulness — находчивость


jovial= cheerful, sociable, happy

to get into a scrape= to be in a sad/fine/sorry pickle= to make a floater — влипнуть в историю, попасть в переделку

zealous = keen on, eager, diligent

meadow- луг

frenzy = madnees, rage, fury

to nurture = to educate, to bring up

to sprawl — разрастаться беспорядочно (about suburbs)

!Our Friday Spanish classes were extremely productive: during two lessons we wrote a test, answered dialogs, monologs, retellings, studied out new chapters in our Home reading (“El cartero no llama dos veces”) and even revised two times and made exercises on them!

And of course, only after the test I discovered when we should use subjuntivo in questions and that “котлета из баранины” is “ chuleta de cordero”. It’s never too late…

Finally, I am glad that this week I found time to listen to two lectures by Tatiana Chernigovskaya (“Language and Brain” and “ Intellect of the Future”) She expressed an idea, that parts of DNA are like words and DNA as a whole is a text, which neuroscientists can read! Intriguing!

At the end, I would like to remember myself: