So you’re saying invading Muslims committed genocide against Jews by the virtue of taking land…
Aleksey Sundukovskiy

If your thinking wasn’t as fascist in its ugly bias you would be able to remember that millions of Jewish refugees from Muslim countries lSyria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen were murdered, raped, and ethnically cleansed not hundreds of years ago but last century.
Second of all, your deplorable defense of Islamo-fascism will not prevent people from calling the genocide of Armenians by it’s rightful name despite the fact that Geneva Conventions didn’t exist yet when Muslim Turks and other Islamist people including from Caucasus and Kurdistan attacked their victims (Armenians, Assyrian Christians, Orthodox Greeks, and Jews)

Finally, Geneva conventions simply put into legal language that which has existed in the human vernacular since time immemorial: mass murder. And history will judge yet Jihadists and their supporters for innumerable crimes committed against indigenous people in India, Philippines, Thailand, East Timor, Lebanon, Sudan, Kenya, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Armenia, Georgia… The list is endless and so are the victims Berbers, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Yazidis, Jews, Druze, Buddhists and other victims that ignorant and callous people like you can so easily dismiss.

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