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Let’s take a few specific occupied places and sites.

Ancient and modern Hebron: Jews are ethnically cleansed by Arabs city is renamed to Khalil. Jew forbidden to visit the cave of patriarchs

Ancient and modern Tiberias: Jews ethnically cleansed by Arabs.

Ancient and modern Shechem: Jews are ethnically cleansed the city is renamed Nablus

Gush Etzion : Jews ethnically cleansed by Arabs.

Ancient Jewish Gaza community: ethnically cleansed by Turks at the behest of Arabs.

Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood : Jews ethnically cleansed by Arabs, the place is renamed Sheikh Jarrah

Kfar Hashiloach: Empty land purchsed by Jews from Yemen 150 years ago. Arabs ethnically cleanse the Jews and rename it Silwan.

Hurva synagogue: destroyed multiple times by Arabs, rebuilt over and over for hundreds of years by Jewish worshippers.

Wester Wall : turned into a garbage dump Jews are forbidden to pray there.

Temple Mount: Islamic Waqf practices apartheid against Jews on the holiest site in the world to Jews. Arabs use the site to attack Jews.

Jerusalem Jewish quarter: Jews are ethnically cleansed.

Mount of olives : Jews are forbidden to enter, Jewish graves desecrated.

I could go on like this for a pretty long time, but the point is clear and not so much about the Islamists but about so called progressive, so called liberal, so called human rights advocates. They are illiberal, regressive, and care nothing about human rights which is of course why they never raise the issue of millions of Jewish refugees from Muslim countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Kurdistan, Iran, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen who today make up the majority of Jews in the holy land.

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