Excuse me but Ashkenazi jews comprise 47.5%
Freedom Joe

No, I do apologize you’re not ignorant, you’re willfully distorting the truth. You know very well that many Jewish communities from Europe are labelled by default as Ashkenazi even if they are from Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy even though they are Sephardi Jews who had very little interaction with Ashkenazi Jews. Therefore my statistic is correct. And as far Ashkenazi Jews not being a Semitic people that is just a racist lie that can be dismantled in two seconds. Jewish Cohen, Levi, Katz males whether from Europe , Middle East, or North Africa have the same Y-chromosomal Aaron despite communities not being in contact for generations. Ashkenazi Jews have genetic diseases exclusive to them because there was so much inbreeding and lack of mixing with surrounding populations. 
Furthermore the argument that makes you really squirm you gloss over completely. The Gypsies, the Africans, the Berbers, the Adyghe, the Turkoman, the Balkan, the Turkish, the Kurd etc. Muslims who you call Palestinians are not Arabs and came to the Holy land as immigrants.

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