As a web developer, having a well calibrated editor is paramount to productivity. One of the best parts of Visual Studio Code as a general purpose editor, in addition to being free and open-source, is how much it can already do straight out of the box with minimal fiddling around. That said, as use-cases become more niche, it’s nice to be able to reach out and pull in a few extensions to help boost that quality of life even further. Luckily, VS Code vibrant extension community with single-click installs makes this super easy as well.

There is an element of…

tmux running on a remote Ubuntu server, with vtop on the top pane and PM2 on the bottom

What is tmux?

The official verbiage describes tmux as a screen multiplexer, similar to GNU Screen. Essentially that means that tmux lets you tile window panes in a command-line environment. This in turn allows you to run, or keep an eye on, multiple programs within one terminal.

A common use-case for tmux is on a remote server where you have a common layout that you always use, and want a way to quickly jump into and out of. An example would be if you’re connecting through a jump server and have other remote SSH sessions you would like to be connected to simultaneously…

Vim after customizations running in iTerm2 (top), Sublime Text 3 (bottom)

Just because you’re using a command line editor does not mean you should have to do a time warp back to the days of green screen CRTs. This guide will walk through the process of setting up Vim to achieve a more Sublime-like experience. The target audience for this is a non-Vim user that finds him or herself having to hop into a CLI editor from time to time, and is looking for something a bit more familiar aesthetically.

“Will this make me even faster at Vim?” you may ask. Well, most likely not.

However, by giving yourself a consistent…

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