An argument on freedom and public service

One can hardly imagine a greater human ambition than the search, quest, or biblical journey, if you may, for freedom. A fiery demand for freedom. Sometimes an unbearable adventure, which unwantedly builds aggressive and erotic assumptions, dreams, and misconceptions on the desire for freedom. Am I prepared to be restrained, let my freedom be limited, under the presupposed understanding of a lewd dream? Often gravely forgotten, however, are the blurred lines crossing in and between need and desire within the human condition. What is needed is often desired, but much that is desired bears actually no need. Freedom is the most powerful chameleon, but a chameleon nonetheless. It exists in many forms, blending, reshaping itself, as well as the process, making everything around it, and itself, intangible. An unbearable desire. One is blessed, in the most biblical sense, with freedom, while another struggles to acquire it. Quickly it becomes a commodity, then turns into a political force before remaining the continous dream characterized in its very existence. Let us not forget, of course, that much of the desire for freedom stems from the understanding of a greater restraint, captivity, an inability. Is there anything worse than to live rid of freedom? This antonym bears a similar presence to its challenger; a shape-shifter, an elusive definition across cultures and language. To elaborate, one must look when the wild lose their freedom, because that is when desire accumulates with need. How does one understand freedom when its very essence lies within the core that does not exist? My freedom is not yours, yet their values remain equal. Who am I to judge your freedom, when my jails might not be of heavy bars or barbed wire? To judge actions, however, it must be understood when one acts out of freedom, or when of restraint. When is greater good done? Poverty jails more humans than any prison, creating an unwanted accumulation of need and desire. Personal narratives, fictions are created to build courage. Truth evaporates as the chameleon rushes through every story leaving nothing more than a blurred line behind. An intangible line between need and desire. Thoughts build up actions, and actions are conducted out of fear rather than of privilege. A fear of a continous sentence, prolonged indefinitely. Therefore, we must ask whether freedom should be promoted as a social, political, economic, or any kind of force, or whether freedom itself should perform freely as the underlying precondition for any existence.