Preservation of fertility

Businesswomen chosing between career and creating a family

In our days, being a professional woman or businesswoman has its difficulties. Not only economic but also social.

The society expects that as a woman you have as main objective to reproduce and to form a family.

That’s where the difficulty comes in with a simple question: Am I ready to get pregnant?

And if you ask that question, then the answer is very simple: ‘No!’, Because surely your professional life has sacrificed quality of life time, therefore, your love life has been depleted by pursuing your dreams and economic independence .

This new socio-economic trend has significantly increased the percentage of infertility worldwide. And of course, if we educate ourselves more and more, we travel more, we enjoy our independence and we are not willing to sit down with the first brave man who wants to marry us.

This freedom of choice is tempered with a somewhat sarcastic and unjust biological clock, which almost obliges us to continue with conventional practices of social roles older than fire.

What is undeniable is that the female baby factory has an expiration date much earlier than the male one. According to several “reproductive” physicians, the ovarian reserve, ie the ovaries’ ability to produce viable and fertilizable ova (cells), begins to decline after the age of 35. This means that if you start your respected professional career from the age of 25–28, you go on a time trial to travel, buy a house, car, meet the man of your life, get married, travel, meet and start planning a family, EVERYTHING, in less than 10 years!

The social pressure to fulfill the roles is increased as the years go by. And if you do not come from a modern culture and mental openness, social pressure will eat you and you will be forced to comply with the canons dictated despite your own convictions, goals and ambitions.

The beauty of Assisted Reproductive Technology is that even with biological and social pressure, you have a third option that will free you from stress and that uncertainty that the future distresses us.

There is a practice called ‘Preservation of fertility’. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The truth is that it is!

Based on the technique of cell cryopreservation or vitrification of ovules specifically, fertility clinics offer this technique to women in general, to conserve their reproductive cells for a few years. This technique gives you the freedom to choose when and with whom you decide to have a baby.

The purpose is to freeze the cells at a reasonable age (between 25 and 34 years of age), so if in that range of years you have not got what you need to have a baby, have a future opportunity, without sacrificing age Cellular and put your fertility at risk. It is to be able to create a baby from young cells even when your age passes the 38–40 years old in which a natural pregnancy is of high clinical risk.

This practice is also of greater importance for women who must undergo medical treatment that may affect their health, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy. In countries with war participation (eg USA), these practices are offered to preserve the fertility of female soldiers involved in high-risk physical activities.

You see, it is a technique that benefits many women giving them quality of life and peace of mind even though they spend years on a life project as important as the formation of a family.

It is an Assisted Reproduction Technology(ART), minimally invasive procedure of preventive medicine.

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