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Being a millennial is not easy. born into so many distractions around us we barely get exposed to some of the most amazing movies ever made there are movies that just take you back and make you feel like you actually lived through it.

“Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived many lives through movies”

though there are approximately 500,000 movies we should pay attention to a couple of them as millennials we might not have the time to watch a movie when there is tik tok and Instagram but if your reading this there is still a chance you could see the world through a different lens. …
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List of all amazon sellers in the zip code 91016 contact us to get a list like this

Amazon informed U.S. sellers on Wednesday that it will soon require them to disclose their business name and address on their public profile.

The company already requires its Europe, Japan, and Mexico marketplaces to share this information.

meaning using a script we developed we are now able to collect all sellers in a specified zip code

Example: let's say you want all the amazon seller’s in the zip code 91016 you would be getting all the addresses in a spreadsheet-like this

Contact us

If you want to get a list of all the Amazon sellers around and beyond your area contact us at and get a list of all the sellers in any zip-code

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if you have an array of keywords to fetch and wanted to store the fetched data of all the responses to a single global array here it goes

[“food”, “movies”, “news”]

The best way to go about this is to use Promise.all()

//The following code fetches the of the subreddits in queries and stores all the response of all three responses to the all array
let queries = [“food”, “movies”, “news”]
let all = []
let [subres] = await Promise.all([fetch(`keyword}/hot.json? limit=100`).then((response) => response.json())]);
//now you can use the data globally

final implementation of this code is done on my recent project

which gives you an organized view of all your favorite subreddits. let me know if you have any questions.

The most efficient way to set up your website

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There are many ways to set up your website but there are good ways and bad ways to go at it. Good meaning having a great website at a reasonable price and the bad being spending too much money on a website that’s not worth the money. to go about setting up your website you have a lot of options but here are some of the main ones a freelance full-stack developer, a creative agency, and doing it yourself.

And it all depends on what the website if for. If you’re trying to start an online e-commerce business try Shopify it is a simple to use no-code platform which is hustle free and has tons of prebuilt attractive templates you can also hire a developer to set up your Shopify store for $100 or less it’s so easy you can follow tutorials to set it up you’re self. …



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