An Opportunity for Self-Reflection

The COVID-19 outbreak is not the first nor last series of recent real or potential catastrophes — be they natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or pandemics — that have taken by surprise governments, globalized firms and the citizenry[2].

Yet, due to its near-unprecedented impact on the highly interconnected but vulnerable systems that define the modern world, this pandemic has been testing our ability to govern risk more than any other crisis before. …

Pandemics are an argument for a coordinated Europe. We are seeing just the opposite. Time to sign up and support Europe Can Make It campaign

What if civil society organisations had the same expertise and talent as corporations?

What if all interests had equal access and representation in the policy process? What if corporations and NGOs could — at times — team up in pursuit of the public interest?

As farfetched as they might sound, we believe that should these scenarios become reality we would all be better off. This is at least the conviction behind the launch of The Good Lobby, a cutting-edge community of inspired and inspiring individuals and organisations sharing their talents, expertise and energy to actively lobby for the public interest.

The Civic Empowerment Gap

Trite as it may sound, to many the European…

Alberto Alemanno

Founder @TheGoodLobby | Professor @HECParis @NYULaw | Young Global Leader @Davos | author of Lobbying for Change

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