Why I believe that next Spider-man movie has to be produced by Bleach or Naruto anime director?

If you are a fan of manga and anime, you know that most of the time, the structure of the story is similar yet it works every time ; 
- the protagonist is a fragile character,
- let’s say it, he is a loser,
- he has flaws, 
- he is vulnerable, 
- along the way he made huge mistakes, caused his friends harm, sometimes even death. 
- he trusted wrong guys, made even bigger mistakes,
- but he never gives up, 
- he kept on trying to become what he always dreamt of, 
- he seems to have an infinite source of willpower, 
- and finally, he becomes the hero and saves everyone.

Don’t believe me? Start watching “Naruto” or “Bleach” or “My Hero Academia” and you will see what I’m talking about!

Sounds familiar? This is exactly like Spider-man!

The main problem with super hero universe in Hollywood is that no hero character is a really fragile, messed up and low-esteem type of personality. True, they have ups and downs, but they are all cool, always come up with solutions and in the end, they shine. They are not dark enough, they are not loser enough.

But that’s how Spider-man character started. That was his core design strength.

Quoting Stan Lee;

“Until Peter parker, no super hero need to worry about making a living, getting along with girls, being popular or have all the problems…” ( see the whole interview here )

And that’s why, every time Hollywood comes up with a new Spider-man movie, it fails. Don’t get me wrong, it gets better but it fails nonetheless…

But japanese culture thrive on personal development. Most of the successful anime/manga franchises feed on those process that I mentioned above. Embrace your weakness, become better at fighting with that, make mistakes, lose people that are precious to you, learn your lesson and voila! you are a real life hero!

Just look at these quotes from Naruto and Bleach ;

That’s why I believe if Naruto or Bleach anime director shoot a spider-man movie, it will be much better than Hollywood version!

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