PATRÓN - Una economía sólida para los influyentes.


Para las empresas pequeñas y grandes, las redes sociales se han convertido en un trampolín masivo para impulsar su marca, una oportunidad de vender sin invertir tantos recursos para llegar al consumidor final y, en última instancia, una herramienta de marketing novedosa.

Social networks are part of Marketing 2.0 and have changed the way people access all types of products and services since the great difference of this type of media unlike traditional media is that they are highly directed by their own audience and can reach more personally to people, who are grouped according to an interest and whose characteristic has been exploited by companies for their sales strategies using many times as an intermediary those users with high level of influence in the social network concerned, remunerating them for promoting their products in their accounts.

In the ecosystem of social networks we have seen that anyone can be famous if they know how to strategically manage all the resources that the network puts in their hands and directing their publications to particular topics. Having a large number of followers becomes a work opportunity for those with influence in the networks and an exploitable marketing resource for companies.

If you are one of those who have a lot of followers you will love to know more about “PATRON”, a project for influential and social network users with a business vision in which both sponsor and influencers can relate and contract effectively.

Are you going to let the Opportunity pass you by?


Advertising marketing through influencers has become the BOOM of networks, now users more than sharing their experiences seek to reach more people, gain followers and then sell them. If you’re like me that you’re stuck 24/7 to the social network Instagram which is where most people observe this type of marketing you will have noticed that many people upload post and videos telling us their followers how it went with a product and where we can buy, that’s their job!

Although it may seem easy to us, being an influence is not easy and it requires using good strategies to create your brand and get an audience willing to follow you, it is also usually then find a sponsor with whom you can establish an exchange contract. PATRON enables influencers to connect in a safe and protected environment with brands, and vice versa, to help companies find the right influencers to advertise their product.

Through the Online platform or telephone App both influencers and brands will come into contact and thanks to the use of intelligent contracts will eliminate the commissions of intermediaries, no doubt, a novel platform based on blockchain that adapts very well to this new marketing strategy in which consumers are more encouraged to buy a product recommended by a blogger.

Dividing the influencers by categories and based on a series of criteria for it, Patron gives companies the opportunity to choose their sponsored and statistically determine the level of effectiveness that their campaign could have, which makes it quite attractive to both parties as the benefits will not be equal to a host with 1 million followers to those who can get one with 500K.


  • Influencers or Host: One with a large number of followers who specialize in talking about particular topics and who tend to influence millions of people without being celebrities thanks to the Social Networking Service (SNS). On the pattern platform these are categorized according to their number of followers, their commitment to their followers and their reputation. They act as ambassadors or representatives of the brands and establish with these contracts of exclusivity or free exercise.
  • Sponsor or Guest: Companies willing to remunerate the influential for selling the idea to their followers to use the products of the brand. They seek to create conversations around your brand and encourage the purchase of your products either online or directly in the store.
  • Seguidor o Ventilador: es el motor de la plataforma, ya que son los que permiten que los patrocinadores elijan a los influenciadores y se clasifican de acuerdo con ciertas características del mercado, como la demografía o el destino, según el objetivo publicitario.


Como cualquier plataforma basada en la cadena de bloques Patron tiene una moneda que mueve y nutre su ecosistema, su simbología es "PAT". Esta moneda de código abierto se implementa en Ethereum Blockchain como un token ERC20 y representa las remuneraciones y pagos dentro de la plataforma, ya sea de patrocinadores a personas influyentes, o de personas influyentes a aficionados, según el caso.

La distribución de monedas Patron pondrá a la venta 240 millones de monedas durante el ICO. Estos se deducen del total de 400 millones, quedando 160 millones de PAT para otros usos de Patron. ¡Su venta internacional privada alcanzó los 10 millones de dólares y te está esperando!