The True story of a Woman in Tech.

Girlcodemx is my new brand, yes! I do freelancing.

Ever since I started my career in tech (now graduated!) I learned some important facts:

  1. No one knows better than yourself about your skills and the things you can accomplish.
  2. The journey is full with stereotypes about women in tech and some men (not all!!) can make it feel like you don’t belong on IT.
  3. Learning how to code is the easy part, the hard part is the constant improvement and discipline you need to have to get things done faster and with better technologies. There is always something new out there and tech is changing everyday.
  4. Stop wasting your time learning multiple programming languages, stick to one and make it yourss!!! If you are web developer, learn the essentials to become a pro one, for sure you need to know your JS girl! and if you are a java developer, own it!
  5. Be confident! Nothing better than a person that is humble about always wanting to learn more and asking for help but also confident of what they already know.
  6. Get yourself some cool mentors! The ones that share their passion for programming and would always be happy to help! Smart people is everywhere but people that are smart & passionate for what they do is hard to find.
  7. “IDGAF, let’s keep going!” Will become one of you favorite quotes everytime something in your code stops working or someone makes a bad comment about your work. You are human, you make mistakes all the time and you learn from them and that’s how a senior developer is born! With the experience through the years and practice.
  8. Start your day early! Make time to read some programming books and take tutorials! 100% recommended Treehouse and Udemy. Love them.
  9. Instagram has a full community of women in tech that makes you feel you are not alone in the journey! You meet girls from all parts of the world and keep inspired. Believe me, no one is ever alone on this!
  10. As a women in tech, you become powerful, you know can understand how tech works now and can create anything you want! Make your own brand! Create something new! Do something about it!! As girls we are creative, unique and full with cool ideas, why not make a difference on this world with our essence? ❤❤

Follow me on instagram as @girlcodemx. Let me know your story! More than happy to help!