Bangladesh: The New Destination for Higher Education in Medical Science

Students worldwide have become a lot more industrious than ever before. They go overseas to pursue higher studies, including education in medical science. If they are ready to go out of their native states for studies, why not give Bangladesh a chance? Education in medical science has reached another level out there. Students find it extremely convenient to get accustomed to the studying atmosphere thriving in this nation. As a result, they do not feel as if they are studying in a foreign nation even if they belong to a completely different culture. Read on to know more about the ambiance of education offered in this small nation ashore of the Bay of Bengal.

The availability of internet and convenience of students to avail loads of information regarding studying in a foreign nation has made it simpler for them to remain connected to the outer world. The craze for pursuing higher education in medicine was always there among the brightest of students. The number of candidates taking the plunge has only grown with time. Previously, the affinity was mostly towards the curricula offered by different western nations including Norway, China, Sweden, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, the UK, the USA, etc. Gradually, the third world countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have managed to catch the fancy of the sub continental youth seeking quality education at a much pocket friendly price. Many of the students these days seek MBBS admission in Bangladesh considering the high quality of education available in the institutes located in this country.

Check out a number of aspects about studying medical science in Bangladesh.

Why MBBS in Bangladesh is Ideal for Students from the Neighboring Countries

Despite being one of the tiniest nations in the Indian sub continent, Bangladesh is culturally way richer than some of the largest and richest nations. While seeking education in this nation, students from the neighboring countries find it very easy to get accustomed to a culture, food habit, dress code and ethnicity very similar to their own. 20 to 25% seats in most of the private medical colleges in Bangladesh are earmarked for international students. So, it should not be quite a difficult task for these students to get admission.

Students from different parts of India like, the north-eastern and eastern regions prefer MBBS studies in this country. Of late, Indian students are also enthusiastic about gaining education in medical science in this nation because, it is way cheaper in Bangladesh in comparison with China. Whereas, the syllabi followed in their medical colleges are almost similar to that followed in the Indian colleges. Therefore, the same books available in the bookstores of these two countries help students in their educational institutes in similar way. So, many of the Indian students prefer seeking admission to the medical colleges in Bangladesh.

The most important fact about having an effect on the career of all would-be medical professionals is that the medical degrees obtained from the Bangladeshi colleges are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India). All the major educational institutes, offering courses in medical science, secure hostel facility for international students in Bangladesh. The native people have friendly disposition towards students from other nations. So, they do not find it to be a big problem to get accustomed to the educational procedure and lifestyle in Bangladesh.

Medium of Studies
It is convenient for the students that the medium of instruction is English in Bangladesh. International students do not usually encounter any problem regarding language barrier in the process of learning.

Eligibility Criteria
A student seeking admission in one of the Bangladeshi medical institutions should not have a gap of over 2 years in his professional career. The non-Bangladeshi students can seek admission to the curricula of MBBS only after the completion of Class X and Class XII or an equivalent to that with Physics, Biology, and Chemistry with at least 60% marks. Birth certificate, the mark sheets of Class X and Class XII, admit card, etc must be duly attested by the responsible person at the Ministry of HRD (of the students’ native country). These documents must be sent to the Director, Medical Education under the Ministry of Health in the Government of Bangladesh. Only the students who will obtain the eligibility certificate from the Director of Medical Education will be eligible for applying to individual institutions. The admission process for international students in an MBBS program of medical colleges in Bangladesh is over before January and classes in all colleges commence in the first week of January.

Cost of Living
The cost of living in Bangladesh is very similar to that in many developing nations in Asia like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. So, staying in this nation for a long stretch should not be a troubling experience. Goods of daily requirement including food are the cheapest in this nation. Education fee in the Government medical colleges are quite low while, that in private institutions are also not much high.

The Final Word
No matter which nation a student belongs from, studying in Bangladesh should not be a big problem for him. Rather bright students from all over the world with limited financial abilities should explore the high quality education that the Bangladeshi medical institutes have on offer.