2./ First of all

As I said in my last post, I will be trying to write about differences between our origin country (Russia, mostly Moscow) and USA (now mostly Portland, OR).
So, first of all, it is climate. I don’t know much about winter and spring yet, but now in Moscow, it is about 50°F while here, in Portland, we are melting away from heat (because it is about 85–90°F). By the way, American metric system is too difficult for us! We in Russia have whole different measure parameters (for example like kilometers, kilograms, Celsius etc.). So, now your weather is more heater than Russian and I don’t know it is good or bad. We will see. 
The second one — shops. Of course, it was our first need to buy some stuff and OMG how much stuff you have! We noticed that at our first time in the USA, but, seriously, so many choices! Starts from bread and ends of soft drinks (for example, coke. In Russia we have just regular, diet and zero. Sometimes you can find vanilla, but it is totally rare.). And you have such kind of stuff that we haven’t. For example, Doritos. 
And third, it is trash. You separate three and sometimes more kind of trash in different baskets (recycle, garbage, trash etc). Unfortunately, in Russia, we have just trash. Recently in the center of Moscow and at some of public places, we started to separate it, but most of people don’t know how to use it properly and confused. We just do not get used to it.
I think it got a little bit short and if I should describe my emotions and differences in detail, let me know about it.
And no, I am not talking “Here is good, there is bad”, no. It is just first what we saw. I will tell about Russia more and how many good things we have too.
I hope it will be interesting for someone ;)

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