3./ Our houses

Today I’m gonna tell you about usual daily life and things that you have. For example, sinks. As a rule in our houses in the kitchens, we have just one sink for everything (for washing our dishes, food etc). We don’t have the second one, we don’t separate them for different aims. And another thing about the kitchen — our fridges have just one door. You can meet fridges with two doors very rare (and no, there is not always Vodka in there). 
What else? In the Russian houses we never ever don’t use the water from faucets for drinking. Only in those cases when we set some of the special equipment like filters. And also in cafes and restaurants, we always pay for each glass of water that we order, because it’s always water from bottles. 
Also, most of the Russian people live in their own apartments. I know that in America you always want to buy your own house. In Russia, we always want to buy our own flat (and it’s normal. In Russia people, not the companies, own the apartments). And some of us have one, and maybe two or sometimes three apartments and give them to other people to rent (without help from special agencies or company).

We never ever don’t enter an apartment or house in shoes. Every time when I or my guests enter, each take shoes off and leave it in a hallway. And in an apartment we always wear slippers and we change the clothes from “street” to “home”.

And finally! In the bathrooms, we have a shower with a hose! No one Russian shower just sticks out from the wall! It always has hose, always. And for me, it’s so hard here, when I can’t control the stream of water :(
I think that it’s one of the hardest things for Russian in American house!
Thanks for reading me and have a good day!
On the next Tuesday will be other stories from Russian guys about American :)

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