Cutting through the noise

Opinions expressed are solely my own — “introspection”. Our Mountain View Machine Learning team with the support of the whole company has recently published the work on identification of individuals by trait prediction using whole genome data: It’s been a long journey for all of us: from training the best models for trait prediction to critically accessing each model and their combination for re-identification task. Technical aspects of the work are detailed in the paper and the supplement. What has been unexpected for me personally how much “twitter noise” was generated around this paper from people who just use it for their own agenda. First, from a former co-worker, who requested to be added to the paper after the team did the research, is misrepresenting our work in press. Second, from people who are just generating “noise” with the apparent agenda to get publicity. What is more important here: there is a Team of very talented people behind this work — the best team of people I have worked with. My co-workers are intelligent, passionate, quirky, on the quest to search for truth. The reason I came back to twitter after 5 years of “twitter retirement” is to say that our amazing team has conducted exciting work — let’s cut through the noise and discuss it on the basis of scientific merit!

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