Today I’m going to talk about my first month at the Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod.

Frankly speaking, my expectations mostly came true though not all of them were positive. An uncertain schedule is not such a problem now like it was at first. Also, I have expected that some subjects would not be very interesting for me and these thoughts also became a reality. As for positive ones, I have found out a lot of new vocabulary from our English classes as I wanted to.

Also, English classes turn out to be a great discovery for me as my English teacher never speaks in English with us at school and I was amazed at first by how better you can understand and learn a language if you hear it constantly during your lessons. But it’s difficult for me to speak English by myself still and also transcription work is rather tricky as I was not familiar with such kind of work at school.

Secondly, I have discovered that there are a lot of student’s sections and associations in different fields of art and science. It was a pleasant surprise for me.

As for memorable moments, it was great to listen to presentations of books from my group mates during the last English lesson as you could understand what interests people around you have and learn something new from them. In addition, I can not avoid saying about our PE lessons which are held, you may say, on the embankment of two rivers… After taking classes in a sports gym at my school it is so fascinating to have them there. I even start to love PE because of the views!

Finally, I would like to say about my personal goals. I want my level of English to be the best level in the world and I do everything to achieve it: ted texts, news, listen to native speakers, speak myself and learn rules and phrases. It is my most important aim. Also, I would like to write scientific articles as I am interested in exploring different political regimes, economics, ethnic diversities, and so on. I will read a lot of publications about certain themes and try to write something by myself.

I guess that’s it. The first month was rather difficult but also very important and engaging. I hope I will be satisfied with future studies.