One day in the Kingdom of the Average

Let’s live one day in the great and prosperous Kingdom of the Average, based in Minsk, Belarus. I’ll be your guide!

Illustration by Pushwagner

You wake up at 7:00 and try to open at least one eye. You can afford to wake up later because you live near the subway station. Then you crawl to the wardrobe and find some clean clothes. There is no dress code in the office, but you always choose the average blue shirt and casual beige pants. Then brown loafers. Of course, with socks. In Belarus men are used to wearing socks even with clogs or sandals.

Your typical one-bedroom apartment view

Now you are pretty good-looking and ready to show off on the train. Omg, you forgot to take the pills! Do it immediately or you will die of vitamin deficiency. 
Food-to-go, food-to-survive! It’s called “Ssoboyka” in Belarus. Anyway, do not forget to take ssoboyka with you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Finally, your mission begins! You’ve been a real sloth so hurry up. You’re a running-to-work man, no time to talk.

You can enjoy a sorso di espresso staring at the low-income citizens with empty bottles

I missed one important part of your daily routine — commuting to the office. It’s strange but it isn’t allowed to take photos on the subway in Belarus.

Well, you go to the business center passing by coffee-shops and smelling smoked fish. Why, you’ll ask, why smoked fish?!! Dunno, this smell always accompanies you here. Maybe, there is a smoked fish boutique or something like that.

Advertisement on the drainpipe. The first one offers to buy your HAIR, the other ads offer you money almost for free. Big deal!

Remember, nobody’s perfect. Don’t pay attention to the zombied women next to the grocery store, better look at the proud street caretakers.

One. Miami caretakers
Two. Orange subway guard

It’s about 9:00, you go to the backstage of a huge business center. On the ground floor, you can try your luck in the casino or visit the toilet shop. Perfect combination.

Casino, atelier, plumbing store

Also, you can shop for some church stuff here. Nuff said.

Jesus Christ!

Nevertheless, your office is really creatively designed. And you have a cozy workplace. Enjoy and do things you have to do. Design your design. Create your creatures… We’ll meet up for lunch!

Your perfect galley for creative work

Forgive me, I’m ironic at times. You have a dream job — junior designer in the dream office. Stop сomplaining, you’ve never worked at the Belarusian factory or farm.

It’s lunch time! Yeah! Look through the window, make sure it’s not raining and make a pilgrimage to the fast food point. Prepare money for yummy-yummy! I’m impossible.

A fast food department cherry-picks the wonders of the Russian cuisine. For example, herring under a fur coat, kholodets, pickled everything. Bizarre food for all tastes.

More beetroot!

Remember, you’re vegetarian and don’t eat meat and eggs. It’s not only for healthy reasons, it’s cheaper to be a vegetarian during the summer.

So you bought some buckwheat porridge and beetroot salad called “vinegret”. Aaand… it costs you less than 1$!

This food looks ugly in plastic bags but they’re cheaper than plastic boxes

Well, go upstairs, to the corporate microwaves. Hot food is very healthy as your granny always says.

Fill your energy bar with the beetroot enjoying short conversations with workmates. Nice. It’s coffee&Iphone time now. Oh, you must practise Norwegian on duolingo and outsmart somebody on peak pro. Tap, tap, tap. Back to work. Or back to paging through a new book that inspires you.

One day you will draw like Loish. Dream on!

You aren’t in the core team, you are an average worker. It’s not bad, one day you’ll level up (or stand up and fight). But sometimes you’re really pessimistic: why do you have to stay in the office in the summer? Why does vacation last only three weeks? Too many questions can’t get out of your head.

Look through the window again and, by the way, back to the computer. You need to complete your currents tasks.

Corporate kitchen view, not Fallout screenshot

The tasks are completed! When your lead looks at your work his eyes start to bleed.

Yes, it’s an Olympus OM-1 on the left

It’s time to go home. Best time. Fewer words, more pictures.

The sunset is coming

You decide to walk along the empty street and you reach the next subway station. Anyway, you look like a comic character from the Pushwagner’s Soft city.

When you walk around and listen to vaporwave, you indulge in your dreams. Dreams about letting the world know who you are. Nothing is as good as you can imagine it.

Going home with sisters and brothers

Maybe, up for dinner?

Beer, snacks, beer, snacks

The evening is painting the city with the blue color. Take a nap, reading something outstanding. Do not forget to wake up at 7:00.

After-sunset view pic

Good night, the average man!