Me and You

I never understood who you are

What you are or what you need…..

All I did is, love you unconditionally

But still I didn’t know,

Whether you took me as a coin for

Something you need to achieve..

All that remains in my mind

Are the full memories with you…

I remember the first time I saw you

How I met you in the front of church,

Your sweet dimples ,

Even though I used to see you before that

I never noticed your dimples,

Never noticed anything about you…

I don’t remember how I talked to you

In the beginning and why, I

Talked to you afterwards…..

Hours of talking and chatting

Just made me close to you…

I remember the day you picked me

The time I roamed around with you

Had lunch with you, visited your home

Your family and every special moment

Yes! The best ever moments of my life

But in between some where I lost you

I don’t remember where, how, why….

Travelling miles away from me hadn’t

Separated us but time

Was the thief who took

You away from me but

I did understand something,

Something I heard about you.

I remember the promise you gave me

But I don’t remember for what or

Why you gave me that

You were fake, you was just

Playing fun with me, I don’t

Know for what you did that

I don’t remember whether it was

Me or you who started to move apart

But I know one thing you are

The first one to make me hate

People, you made me

Hate other people…..

I still won’t live with your memories

It was my mistaking trusting you.

I shouldn’t have done it but

Somewhere someway , I believe

You, and, you are always something

For me. I wish it will continue.

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