Run away from T.rex by a bicycle

An exhibition of one dinosaur

Tyrannosaurus rex has become a star of the museum in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Grand old lady — here is a name of T.rex which has placed in Naturalis Biodiversity Center. And hard to say about it like as an exhibition. It is an adventure takes children and adults on 100 million years ago.

For our 1-y.o. kid, moving dinosaurs were pretty scary, but older children around us were happy. They ran from one stand (with a dinosaur tooth, for instance) to next (with a hologram of newborn T.rex) and were very disappointed if some adult doesn’t leave an interesting spot for too long time.

A little girl inside me woke up and wanted doing all those creepy but funny things. Unfortunately, the world saw only a woman with a little kid sitting in her arms. And that woman had scruples and didn’t sit on a bicycle that has to hurry her away from the sharp-toothed giant.

It is so dutch feature…… they created amusement ride with a bicycle and a dinosaur. However, we turned to another stand and stepped on scales. And it came to light! T.rex would have eaten our family for three days. Creepy…

Yes. We seem so small compared to Grand old lady. She stays exactly in the middle of this paleontology science feast. The majority bones in her skeleton are real and have its story that was told in one of the rooms. But we had decided not staying even though the exhibition was translated in English, including documentary film about the discovering.

It is really amazed how boring paleontology turning into amusement. Do you remember doctor Ross Geller from «Friends»? I do think there is a huge possibility that one (maybe more) boy, or girl, was affected deeply and in time turns into real scientist.

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