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Hi there! My name is Alena and I’m one of the many foreigners here in San Francisco. And although I’m into tech world now, I have been doing art my whole life and always had a camera next to me. But when I moved to the US I couldn’t take my camera with me; it was too heavy and there was no space in my bag. So I ended up here without once the most important tool.

I’ve learned how to make the most out of iPhone camera but sometimes I just wished I had my photo camera or could get a Go Pro for some specific trips. But I didn’t want to buy either of those because my new lifestyle doesn’t let me travel much or take pictures on daily basis. Whenever I want to take pictures, I’m trying to borrow cameras from others, but people not always can give it to me… So I’ve been feeling like I’m missing on something a lot. And just couple month ago I went to a road trip to Grand Canyon and the whole time I was thinking, I wished I would have a GoPro… Why there is no easy and not-expensive rental system?

This is how idea of BestShot first came to my head and now I want to introduce you to the actual product.


BestShot is a platform that is like a GetAround but for cameras and photography equipment. It connects people that own cameras to people that want to rent those for hours, days or weeks.

Imagine, you are getting ready for a three days trip to Lake Tahoe and plan to ice skate, ski and party with your friends. Wouldn’t you want to have GoPro to do so? I’m sure you would!

The magic of looking back at your most memorable moments through the pictures is too beautiful to miss out! Your first steps, that day when you made an unexpected trip to a nearby city, or first life NBA game… Pictures that make your heart beating fast.

Most of the times you would capture those moments only on the smartphones. But how many times you wished to have that moment captured in a better quality? How many times did it happen that you simply wished to have a good camera to capture a specific moment? I’m sure a lot!

So downlod BestShot and start making the high quality memories!

It is super simple in use:

  1. Sign-up
  2. Choose your camera
  3. Pick it up from the location

And start make your memories now.

BestShot is still in developing process but you can Sign-Up now to receive a benefit of a first user!


Moments are priceless and memories are eternal. So take the BestShot of any moment at any moment to capture your memories forever!

Sign Up at

Thank you,


P.s.: Selfies are soooo last season…

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