You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

the chick who penned this is delusional. literally delusional. she does not speak for all women, not even close. I do not “feel empowered” — bitches I AM EMPOWERED. Yes I thank those women before me who achieved the things mentioned — but I also worked my own ass off, educated myself, and bettered myself. I didn’t wait for some man to give it to me either. That’s why some women are unequal — they wait for this so-called equality. They demand it. NO that’s not how it works, go GET IT. Fricking duh. Don’t march like pussies. Go get your ass out there and take what you want from the world. For god’s sake we aren’t pussies just because we have them. Lord. To hear these chicks you’d think we are all being beaten by our menfolk and sitting around in our kitchens wishing we had a life. (I stipulate some of us women are just as disfunctional as men and we abuse them RIGHT BACK!) Jeez they make us sound pathetic. And THAT is exactly why the original post was written — the one this was supposed to respond to. It just solidifies the whole point even further.

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