Announcements App

Since February we have been planning our announcements app. Slowly at first I started to lose hope on what my final product would be and I wasn’t confident with what I was doing. I decided to start watching a few coding videos and using the website called W3schools, a website that’s just perfect for coders. I started to catch on fast, and I started getting more and more into coding. It became so fascinating to me and every computer science class would start passing by quicker and quicker.

As the days passed my websites for my announcements app started to become better and better. After my Html and the features on my websites worked, I started to focus more on the design. Through W3schools I learned various new things such as adding colours to the background and text. I started to play around with it more and I remember I got so into it that I slept around 3 that night.

What is the announcements app though?

Well, it’s basically just an app that students and teachers can use to keep track of sports teams, clubs, etc. It allows communication outside of school for members of the club or team and through this app important announcements can be made or you can keep track of attendance for example, but honestly there are an endless amount of uses for this app. The app also doesn’t just have to be for school but for now this is the big project we’re working on until the end of the year.

So far my announcement page is going pretty well and by the time May or June roll around I’ll have the announcements app complete. I’m already excited on how it’ll turn out but for now I just have to put in the work and hope for the best. But at the moment I’m really enjoying this assignment, and I feel like when I leave this class I’ll have gained way more knowledge on Html then when I first walked in.

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