Codecademy is the ultimate website to get an idea or to enhance ones knowledge on HTML5. Having no prior knowledge on coding I have easily understood the basics by taking initiative to understand the html course material by going back and relearning things if I did not fully understand them. This helped me because there were times in which I did not get the lesson, and I had to research further on the matter. By the end of the Codecademy course, I felt as if I had mastered the art of coding with HTML, and I am happy with the outcome. Obviously there is more to learn but for sure Codecademy has given me a good idea on how to code using html and I feel ready to move onto CSS.

Overall Codecademy helped me quite a lot when designing a base website for my announcements website. All my pages for my website looked aesthetically pleasing and I’m satisfied with it and I’d have to credit Codecademy for that. Obviously to further enhance my coding skills I will visit Codecademy again in the near future.

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