Progress of Aidbot

With the winter break coming to a closure, our app is also close to being complete with just final touches being added. This year for computer science class creating our app is what consumed most of our time. I enjoyed working on the project with my great group members. With most of the plan set in stone we were able to complete our prescription pages, create appointment pages …!!!! add more etc. We plan to maybe change the colour and look of the actual website, but so far we haven’t come to an agreement on that just yet. The app will hopefully be fully complete and ready to be presented on the week back from the break. Over the course of the weeks that we’d been given to work on this project, my group members and I have worked rigorously to complete our website as soon as possible. We took the project as a challenge and wanted to be the first ones with our website fully complete, so we even spent hours after school working on it to perfect it.


I’m very proud of our work and I also learned how yo use a little python which I knew absolutely nothing about before. Jusdeep also taught us how to incorporate Firebase into our project which was neat and I’ve learned a lot more thanks to my group members. I’m glad to have been apart of Aidbot and I hope to make our video for Dragon’s Den a huge success. I’ll leave it at that for the progress of Aidbot, and I think now it’s time to start planning to create an entertaining video for our creation.