Our mission is to get the world investing successfully. That’s why we have just launched a new feature that we are particularly excited about — Portfolio Share. Share your success with us.

The backstory

A large amount of our customer base has expressed delight with their portfolio gains since starting their investing life with MyWallSt. They wanted to share their excitement with friends and on social channels, but when they went to do so, it revealed their sensitive financial information, such as the amount invested and specific monetary gains.

Their attempts to hide this type of information looked like this:

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The MyWallSt team has regular Hackathons. Our Head Analyst, Rory Carron, and I came together and hacked up this concept. I spent a second hack turning the concept into a slick new feature. …

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MyWallSt’s tech team hard at work.

Since joining MyWallSt almost 2 years ago, I have been looking for the best ways to manage our development.

MyWallSt is a small company, but we’re constantly growing.

Our current tech team consists of two iOS developers, two Android developers, one designer and one backend developer. One of the Android developers and the designer only joined us in the last 3 months, though, and we can expect to scale more in the future.

So how do we use all the agile techniques and tools to help us manage the work we do?

After reading many articles about different approaches that other companies use, I tried to take the best ideas I could find and adopt them to our own situation. …

Ever since I moved to Ireland I was looking for a nice place to play squash in Dublin. At first glance, I was a bit disappointed to find out that squash is not very common sport here and therefore only few places where to play. After 3 hours of searching google and couple of e-mails to gyms and clubs, I created a list of places where to play.


Sports facility with a gym, pool, fitness classes, racquet sports and 5-a-side soccer pitches.

Fees: €625/year individual or pay as you go €230/year + €5 for every half hour of squash; also available couple and family memberships. …


Aleš Kocur

Chief Product Officer @ MyWallSt

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