🚀 Welcome to Alephium (ALPH)

Here’s all the information you need to get started with Alephium ! And if that’s not enough, come talk to us on Discord, Telegram or Reddit !

If you’re looking for dev/mining info, you’ll find it at the end of this post !

🐥 What is Alephium?

Alephium is the first live Layer 1 sharded blockchain scaling and improving on Bitcoin core technologies, Proof of Work & UTXO. It delivers a highly performant, secure DeFi & Dapps platform with enhanced energy efficiency.

-> Like Bitcoin, but more programmable & energy efficient.
-> Like Ethereum, but more secure & scalable.
-> Like Solana, but more decentralised & trustless.

💎 Why is Alephium special ?

On top of an awesome team, an outstanding community and a lot of energy, here are our technical specificities :

It scales through sharding. Alephium is built on a novel and complete sharding algorithm called BlockFlow. It improves on the UTXO model of BTC to make it scalable, and uses DAG data structure to reach consensus between different shards. This will allow up to 10’000 Transactions Per Second (currently more than 400 TPS vs Bitcoins 7 TPS).

It is programmable & secure. Alephium proposes a stateful UTXO model offering layer-1 scalability and the same level of programmability as the account model implemented on ETH, whilst being more secure.

It is less energy consuming thanks to POLW. Proof of Less Work combines physical work and Coin economics to dynamically adjust the work required to mine new blocks. Given the same network conditions, Alephium only uses ⅛ of the energy compared to Bitcoin.

It improves on chain structure with its own custom VM (Fi-VM). It resolves many of the critical issues of the current dApps platforms with huge improvements on security, development experience and introductions of new paradigms such as trustless P2P smart contracts transactions.

It has its own programming language for dApps. Fi-Lang is similar to the Rust syntax. It allows to build efficient and secure smart contracts easier than Solidity for example. It is specifically designed to facilitate the creation of Decentralized Finance applications, hence its name!

Putting all these innovations together, Alephium delivers a highly demanded solution in the industry: a scalable blockchain improving on mature ideas from Bitcoin to deliver reliable, powerful and secure DeFi and dApps capabilities. And we’re live!

Our whitepapers are here : https://github.com/alephium/white-paper

🚀 What is our roadmap ?

Alephium mainnet is live and fully functional since November 8th, 2021. We are now focused on building and enriching tooling for wallets, mining, explorer, bridges, DeFi, dApps and NFT’s, as well as expanding our community of developers, miners and users.

Full node 🏭 enters the maturity phase, we are working on more optimizations and features, as well as improvements in UX for dApps devs.

Bridges 🌉 are a key component of the project’s ecosystem as they will provide interoperability between Alephium and other blockchains.

dApps 🧰 We will be focusing on tooling for dApps use cases like 💸 DeFi and are building a 🐒 NFT platform proof of concept! Get ready to mint!

Wallet 💌 Our wallet will see a lot of improvements, including browser extension & hook for dApps.

Mining Pools We love mining pools, and they love us back ! We keep improving the mining experience of pools, large and small and will keep doing so with the help of our amazing mining community! Two awesome mining pools have sprung up (DevGent, MetaPool & WoolyPooly) !

Explorer 🔭 Better readability, more metrics & a lot more improvements per request of the community !

Listings ⚖️ After our first listing (welcome gate.io !), we keep pushing for more listings ! Stay tuned !

Strategic partnerships 🤝 We will keep looking for new partners for the Alephium family, they help us grow, they challenge us, they open doors for us !

Marketing & awareness 🗣 We keep pushing for qualified awareness, organic growth and community development.

Read more about it here : https://medium.com/@alephium/alephium-q1-project-update-50f4a7b354b0

🛡 Our tokenomics

The token supply on Alephium is limited with a hardcap of 1 billion. At Mainnet Launch (11.8.21), an initial supply of 140M tokens (14% of the hardcap) was mined with the genesis block. The remaining supply of ALPH tokens will be mined over the years. Of these 140M tokens :

80M tokens (8%) 🤝 Pre-sales and future strategic private sales. Vesting periods varying from 2 to 4 years.

30M tokens (3%) 💡 Community and ecosystem development. Locked on-chain for 4 years and vested quarterly.

30M tokens (3%) 🧑‍💻 Treasury & Team. Locked on-chain for 3 years, and vested quarterly.

840M tokens (86%) 🌊 Mining Rewards. These tokens will be used for mining rewards over years. They ensure the processing of transactions and the execution of smart contracts on the Alephium blockchain.

In addition, half of the transaction fees are burned with each block and Proof of Less Work enables internal mining cost through burning when the hashrate and energy consumption are significantly high.

More details here : https://medium.com/@alephium/tokenomics-of-alephium-61d59b51029c

🏋️‍♀️ Our team

The core team counts 14 members. 9 are tech team members and the remaining 5 are part of the operations team. Come say hello on Discord!

@Cheng Wang#1571 🛠 is our founder, core dev, double PhD dropout in Math & CS, grand wizard of Alephium, working from Lausanne, Switzerland 🇨🇭

@s0ukie#8277 ⚙️ is our Chief of Staff, without whom nothing moves, previously @Lykke and @Bestmile. Working from Zürich, Switzerland 🇨🇭

@setto#4764 🕹 is our community magician ! Creative, attentive and a constant presence on our Discord & Telegram, working from Sweden 🇸🇪

Meet the rest of the team on our website or on Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/alephium/people/

🎯 Meet us, join us, talk to us!

Talk with us
Discord : https://discord.gg/JErgRBfRSB
Telegram : https://t.me/alephiumgroup
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/Alephium/

Connect with us
Twitter : https://twitter.com/alephium
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/alephium
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/alephium

Read, setup, explore, contribute
Website : https://alephium.org/
Whitepapers : https://github.com/alephium/white-paper
Medium : https://medium.com/@alephium
Github: https://github.com/alephium

Non-official Content & Communities (not moderated, endorsed or managed by Alephium)
Telegram 🇷🇺: https://t.me/alephiumgroup_ru
Telegram 🇹🇷: https://t.me/alephium_tr
Youtube videos 🇷🇺
Youtube videos 🇹🇷
Youtube videos 🌎

Buy/sell (Jan 12th onward)

Gate.io : https://www.gate.io/fr/trade/ALPH_USDT

Our partners

UTXO Alliance : https://utxo-alliance.org/
Bitcoin Association Switzerland : https://medium.com/@alephium/alephium-becomes-a-member-of-bitcoin-association-switzerland-2293fec16fc9
Market Across PR : https://marketacross.com/

🛠 If you’re a dev, start here :

Here’s our latest code update : https://github.com/alephium/alephium/releases/latest/

Come commit and pull request with us : https://github.com/alephium

Full node : https://github.com/alephium/alephium
Wallet : https://github.com/alephium/alephium-wallet/releases/latest
Explorer : https://github.com/alephium/explorer
JS/TS lib : https://github.com/alephium/alephium-js
Wiki : https://github.com/alephium/wiki
Awesome Alphium ! https://github.com/alephium/awesome-alephium

⛏ If you’re a miner, start here !

Start by joining the dedicated Mining channel on discord : https://discord.gg/53QSMpKZyR

Find our Miner starter pack on Github : https://github.com/alephium/alephium-miner-getting-started

And the specific repos :

And here is a video of how to get started for solo mining : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdPH6inWjhc

And if you’d rather join a pool, try here !

Devgent Pool & on telegram : https://t.me/poolAlephium
MetaPool & on telegram : https://t.me/metapool1
WoolyPooly, on Telegram, on Discord, Calculator.

The list of all mining pools is updated here.

The 1st operational sharded blockchain scaling and improving on PoW & UTXO to deliver a highly performant, secure and energy efficient DeFi & dApps platform.