Curated by Steve, in conversation with Benjamin Marsili. #PeopleofAleph

BENJAMIN MARSILI [ Ben ] is a Scrum Master at Aleph with over 8 years of experience in the Software Engineering field. He is a charmer, an exercise enthusiast as well as a fancy wine consumer.

STEVE WANG [ Steve ] is a UI/UX designer at Aleph and he is currently the Chief of Editor for the Aleph Academy Publication programme.

[ Steve ] The pressure and stress, emotional fatigue that we had undergone with this global pandemic are very heavy, and just so you know this March marks one year…

Project management is fast-paced, innovative and ever-changing. It is time we, project managers, face the true challenge of balancing two very different yet complementary mindsets towards achieving business outcomes.

What do pirates and navy seals have to do with project managers anyway? Well, despite being very different occupations, they share many common traits with project managers. More specifically, each of these occupations continuously strives to achieve specific transformative goals via an orchestration of people and systems.

One, arguably, is more successful than the other. …

Our first-ever virtual #hackathonfromhome

2020, has been crazy thus far. It is a year that is something unique, unexpected and filled with lots of uncertainty. These pretty much sum of how the world has been undergoing for the past few months as the pandemic slowly engulfs the globe with a new strain of coronavirus.

COVID-19 has force-optimised the human race to change our ways of lives — establishing what’s the new normal for you, and me. It made us step out of our comfort zone. It affects our mind. It pushes us to rethink and redesign our routines.

That being…

A user’s guide to staying motivated and sane during a global pandemic.

Are you feeling restless from being restricted to a confined space for a long time? Are you feeling lost?

If you are still able to work from home with much ease and comfort, consider yourself to be extremely lucky given how the world is suffering due to the global pandemic. Nonetheless, accepting and navigating this new normal doesn’t come without its challenges.

While it was easy to romanticise working from home at first, whether it was staying home with our pets, catching up on additional sleep, and sharing…

We asked ourselves – How might we create a culture of
continuous growth?

Open learning is constant — for the curious ones, the crazy ones and the
fearless ones.

We are living in the era of the Information Age where the exchange of knowledge happens so fast and those who can’t keep up with the stream are left behind. This is the innate nature of our modern human evolution.

To ensure that Alephians are able to keep up with the pace of evolution, Aleph aims to create a platform which can be the driving force to empower the business and…

💙 It’s all about the #peopleofaleph.

Friday Flocket will always hold a special place in the hearts of all Alephians.

It’s a time and space designed for all Alephians to connect beyond delivery schedules, as well as connect with each other beyond their profession but more of their passion.

Traditionally, it is held in mornings of each studio where Alephians who are working off-site will “come home” to enjoy breakfast and knowledge sharing, all-in-one session.

It’s a time where Alephians share their expertise, their personal life experiences, their roots, their hidden skillsets or literally anything under the sun. …

Reinventing our ways of working. Hyperconnectivity.

The concept of Borderless is never foreign to Aleph. As an organisation that believes in the concept of achieving more together with a distributed workforce, we run projects across our regional offices, with many hands working together and striving for quality delivery.

Our people are our greatest assets of all time.

In view of the current pandemic situation, we are now taking a step back to re-evaluate our ways of working, as we focus more on streamlining our processes with an empathetic approach, with a strong focus on the well being of Alephians and…


A unique breed of strategists, engineers, craftsmen & artists spreadacross Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines and Australia.

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