Bare Faces, Bold Futures

Women tackle sorority stereotypes and how their organizations have had a positive impact.

By Lexi Lequerica

We are materialistic, stupid, selfish, and paying for our friends right? No, the answer is no. Sorority women across the country battle these stereotypes that have been created by Hollywood and outsiders who do not understand the impact these organizations can have. We raise millions of dollars for various organizations across the country, we empower each other by creating bonds of sisterhood, and we value our education.

In this piece I wanted to address the stereotypes and negative connotations that come the second a woman says she’s in a sorority. I gathered different women from different organizations and challenged them to a bare faced photo shoot. We stripped down the stereotypes and focused on what it truly means to be in a sorority.

Mackenzie Tovani is a senior at the University of Nevada Reno, graduating with a degree in education and is a member of Sigma Kappa.

“Even as a high schooler I never thought I would be a ‘sorority girl’ but now I’m still the same person that I am but I’m just a better person because of a sorority.”

Julie Jonhson is a journalism major at the University of Nevada Reno and is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.

“I’m held to a higher standard by my sisters, they bring the best out in me. I don’t think I would get as much out of myself without them.”

Studying speech pathology at the University of Nevada Reno, Alisa Lego is a member of Sigma Kappa.

“I think being a woman in a sorority it’s really important for other girls to cheer each other on more than compare each other.”

Amber Siefert is a journalism major at the University of Nevada and is a new member of Alpha Omicron Pi.

“Women empowering women within a sorority is very important. If one strong woman can empower a chapter than what can a chapter of powerful women do?”

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