Teacher or Technology?

Today’s course on Instructional Technology dealt with a lot of issues and questions pertaining to the use of technology in the classroom. However, one question that stood out to me the most was whether we believe that a classroom can fully function with technology replacing the teacher.

At first my general response was an immediate “no” but then I had to take into consideration online classes and tutorial discussions. Although I am not the biggest fan of online courses, I do believe that students can still learn and acquire program material through independent study research and course assignments. However, I believe that the quality of the student’s whole learning atmosphere diminishes as they do not have the opportunity to engage in real life discussion and communication skills with their peers and teacher.

Teachers are one of the most influential people in a child’s life and they play a fundamental role by guiding and supporting their students. Teachers are in the classroom to make authentic connections with their students, getting to know them, and trying to connect their interests to the course material. If one removes the teacher figure in a classroom there would be no classroom management as most students may often be on their phones or other electronic devices texting and communicating with their friends or scrolling through their social media pages. Teachers are meant to challenge their students as well as support them and filter any classroom discussions or debates.

The presence of a teacher within the classroom gives students the motivation to succeed. The use of differentiated instruction can create an enriched and authentic learning environment that is helpful and motivating to diverse various learners. Therefore, I strongly agree that the use of technology is important to implement in the classroom however I do not agree that it can replace the role of a teacher within the physical classroom. In conclusion, I believe that teachers are an essential component within the classroom as they can help students improve and achieve academic success as well as set personal goals.

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