monitoring use cases

When I told my friends about Alertfor, their first question was, what is the use case ? why should I use your product ?

Below are few use cases for businesses.

- Users who are looking for pricing data (for competitive intelligence)

- Users who wants to know recent product or services from similar domain of interest.

- Get information of partnerships and alliances

- Business can act on online reviews and comments of their products or services.

- Can watch news about events or person (or anything), could target precise topics and sources you want,

- Can help eliminating laborious and time consuming or tiresome searches.

- Monitor your keywords from business websites, associations, articles and other web sources.

- Press releases, news reports and regulatory filings, Monitoring of new patent, inventions.

- Monitor research topics from web sources (e.g google scholar).

for consumers: the list is endless
- monitoring of new movies, news, coupon, product arrivals, sports, monitor jobs for your skill set etc.

In simple terms, I could say “Anything is searchable is watchable”.

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